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How To Use My Web Camera

how to use my web camera

    web camera
  • A webcam is a video capture device that is connected to a computer or computer network, often using a USB port or, if connected to a network, ethernet or Wi-Fi.

  • A CCTV Camera with built-in web server computer. More info.

    how to
  • Providing detailed and practical advice

  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.

  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic

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How photography has changed the life of a young Colombian refugee

How photography has changed the life of a young Colombian refugee

Colombian refugee Jose indulges in his love of photography, history and buildings by taking a photo of Castle of Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City.
UNHCR / G. Jimenez / August 2006.

How photography has changed the life of a young Colombian refugee

MEXICO CITY, August 3 (UNHCR) – Fifteen-year-old Jose Romero* was hooked on photography after taking a short course last year and the Colombian refugee's skill with the camera has already won him a major prize and public exposure in Mexico.

"What I enjoy the most is to photograph objects, above all tall buildings," says Jose with a big smile. "Just holding the camera, I can feel the adrenaline all over my body. It's an exciting emotion, I don't know how to describe it."

Jose's family fled the violence in Colombia in the 1990s and eventually reached Mexico City five years ago. The shy young man lives with his mother, sister and three brothers and is about to move to high school, where he looks forward to pursuing his favourite academic subject – history, especially Mexican history.

He discovered his other great love, photography, when he attended a two-day photographic workshop held at Refugee Park, a humanitarian project in Mexico City run by Amnesty International with UNHCR funding. The workshop was one of several activities aimed at promoting culture among refugee children and Mexicans.

Humanitarian photographer Ricardo Ramirez Arriola, a naturalised Mexican who hails from Guatemala and has worked with UNHCR in the region for the past seven years, was a guest instructor.

The professional shutterbug shared his experiences with the refugee children and Mexican youngsters taking part and taught them how to use disposable cameras and how to develop and print photographs. Jose was entranced by Ramirez Arriola and his art and says he wants to become a photographer and humanitarian worker.

"I greatly admire Ricardo, when I grow up I want to be a photographer like him," says the teenager, who built on the skills taught in the short course. Two of his photos – depicting a friend performing tricks on a scooter – were displayed at an exhibition of work by refugee children.

Ivonne Gonzalez, coordinator of the children's group at Refugee Park, encouraged Jose to enter a photographic contest last year organised by the Image Centre – part of Mexico's National Council for Culture and the Arts.

Competing against other teenagers from around the country, the young refugee scooped first prize with the photo of his acrobatic scooter-riding friend. He received a digital camera and had his winning photograph displayed at the Technological Museum in Mexico City.

"This is an excellent example of the important role that civil society is playing in the local integration of refugees. Here we have a young urban refugee who brings skill and passion to the artistic expression of photography – and Mexican volunteers who enthusiastically support him", says Marion Hoffmann, UNHCR regional representative in Mexico.

Photographer Ramirez Arriola is also pleased with his protege's progress. "He is a shy adolescent, so I'm very glad that he has discovered photography. Photography has become his style of expression. Through this art he is able to communicate several sensations and emotions.

"When he holds the camera he is always searching different ideas, angles and he constantly is making experiments. I feel honoured to witness how Jose has found his passion."

Jose's next plan is to photograph Mexico City's historic 18th Century Chapultepec Castle, combining his love of buildings, photography and history.

* (Not his real name)

By Gema Jimenez in Mexico City, Mexico



July 30, 2009

This photograph is forwardly showing the two most important people in my life, as of recently. Christian Tyler Blomdahl (my boyfriend) and Codey Lewis Cannon (my kid brother). The two of these incredible human beings have taught me more about this world than anyone else I have known.

Gratefully, I bathed in the deepest and loveliest slumber able until about 3pm today. Directly afterward, Christian shows up with double a batteries for my Fuji Film Finepix s700, IN WHICH WE FOUND OUT TO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO STAY TURNED ON ANY LONGER. A 300$ camera to wave goodbyes to, brilliant. As of now, I am continuing my 365 project using my web camera. Yeah, I know - how groovy.

Anyway, Christian and I spent some time at the pool, conversing over the fact that I may have Schizophrenia, or so Kris says. To me, it's a horrifying subject to encounter and I have cried a ton over the notion being. I refuse to believe that I have the one psychological disorder that frees you of control completely. No, I refuse.

Christian and I attempted to watch My Sister's Keeper on my hotel couch, which is a coral pink (I love its blunt coat, btw) and the most comfortable piece of cushion in the room. When we failed, due to the film being far too sorrowful for our desirous moods, we attempted Remember the Daze: The Beautiful Ordinary (which is one brilliant ass movie, in which I recommend with all ten fingers).

I had trouble sleeping again and I sense that I long for Christian far too much once he leaves. I hope I can be healthy for him.

"There is little to be said
about the beginning of the summer,
or the opening of the mouth."

how to use my web camera

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