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Digital Camera Prices In India

digital camera prices in india

    digital camera
  • A digital camera (also digicam or camera for short) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.

  • a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

  • Usually captures images with the help of a CCD chip. The image data received is then saved to special memory cards or other storage media. (SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card,  Compact Flash,  Memory Stick,  SD Card,  MMC Card)

  • A camera that records and stores digital images

    in india
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  • (price) the amount of money needed to purchase something; "the price of gasoline"; "he got his new car on excellent terms"; "how much is the damage?"

  • determine the price of; "The grocer priced his wares high"

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Fuji-san Chrome uso 800

Fuji-san Chrome uso 800

Fuji-san Chrome uso 800

fake data :
camera : Magai-mon Hol-ga
film : Fuji-san Chrome uso 800

magai-mon ( magai-mono ) --- imitation, fake, forged goods
san ( yama ) --- mountain
Fuji-san --- Mt. Fuji
uso --- lie
800 ( hap-pya-ku ) eight hundred, many things, everything, infinity
uso hap-pya-ku --- nonsense

: yao-ya ---vegetable store
ya ( hachi ) --- eight
o ( hyaku ) --- hundred
ya --- store

ya is added on a store name
hon-ya --- bookstore
toko-ya --- barber shop
sakana-ya --- fish shop
niku-ya --- butcher
hana-ya --- flower shop
zaimoku-ya ---lumber dealer
kashi-ya --- candy store ( accent is on shi )
kashi-ya --- a house for rent ( accent is on ya )

the way of saying in daily use
uso wo tsu-ku --- tell a lie
uso wo tsuku na --- Don't tell a lie.
uso-tsu-ki --- liar

the bad way of saying in daily use in a local town
uso wo tsuku-n ja ne-e yo ! --- Don't tell a lie.
uso wo tsuku nat tsut ten dalo ga --- I am always saying it to you, never tell a lie.

the polite way of saying in daily use
uso wo tsu-i te wa ike-ma-sen --- You must not tell a lie.

If I wrote the data like this
and I didn't wrote about the clipping of this jpg
did you believe this fake easily ?

someone might say like this or so upon this jpg.
" Damn thing ! "
" The balance with no composition ! "
" etc ! "
" Where could I get its Fuji-san chrome uso 800 ? "

true data :

digital camera : Panasonic DMC-LX1
lens : 28 - 112 mm zoom ( 16 : 9 format ) 28 mm
program auto exposure : - 1.33 EV : f 4 1/250
date : Thu. 10 Aug. 04:32:35 PM 2006
place : outside road near the gate of Yokohama China Town
ISO : 100


my cropped square jpg

I cut off the left part of lx1_aibii_060810thu_0541
and I found another using in my LX1.
LX1 could be a digi for the editing.

LX1 has a 28 mm.
The ordinary person could recognize the 35 mm range naturally.
and when they were in a out of my 35 mm range
they might believe that they were in a safety zone.
if I set the target on a right or left side in my location
the person wanna have believed like this probably.
" aibii is not aiming for me. "
" aibii is shooting some one in my back. "
" aibii, aren't you shooting me ? "

and more,
the center part of my jpg has only a slight distortion.
If I cut my jpg into the square from its right or left side
it could only appear a slight distortion upon my cropped square jpg.



LX1 has very useful abilities.
of course,
its ultra-compact Japanese-made Leica zoom lens has a huge distortion and makes strong noises.
it has a dull response on its auto focussing.
it is not so good at the color in red and blue even though.

It was said that LX2 has a quick response on its auto focussing.
It has also a new digital description engine.
Its noises were decreasing.
but its ultra-compact Japanese-made Leica zoom lens has no improvement probably.


essence of technologies

LX1 is not a Leica.
It costs around 50,000 yen.
Leica and its 28 mm costs over 500,000 yen.

Too much more more saying upon LX1 is greedy.
but Japan has nothing.
we could only sell the industrial goods which have essence of technologies.

by the way,
was your digital camera a Chinese product ?
or an Indian product ?

but 2 or 3 or 5 years later
we could be using some China or India-made industrial goods probably.

simply because,
my exhausted second or third or forth hand Power Book had been putting on a Chinese-made keyboard naturally.

Canned 350 ml coke is 130 yen.
The payment by the hour of part-time employee is 800 yen.
I had heard that the yearly income of the Chinese farmer is 70,000 yen.
They wanna come to Japan to get 800 yen per hour.
but they couldn't know the real price of canned 350 ml coke never.


The North Pier.

Tomorrow is my hospital day again.
My Shin-Yokohama town might have a big changing probably again.


I took jpgs in Oo-san-bashi on Sunday 9 September 2006.
That was my last series.
I would show its first shot in the next one.
That was taken on the upper deck of my junction station.
of course I used my LX1 on 28 mm with 3-6 feet zone setting.

I couldn't have been taking new jpgs in these 25 days.
The Autumn has come again.
and the Winter has also been ready for me behind it.

anyway tomorrow,
I could take some jpgs on my road again.

Oo-san-bashi --- the Big Pier

Oo ( ooki-i ) --- big
san-basi --- pier
san ( yoko-gi ) --- crosspiece, frame, bar, rung
bashi ( hashi ) --- bridge
yoko --- lateral, horizontal, across, sideways
gi ( ki ) --- wood, lumber, timber, tree

the Yokohama Bay has some piers.
the Dai-koku Fu-tou, Yma-no-uchi Fu-tou, Hon-moku Fu-tou, etc Fu-tou,
and The North Pier.

Kanagawa prefecture also has some Americas.
The Yokohama Bay also has one

KG Maheshwari s Pictorial Magic / Nikon D70 Digital Disaster

KG Maheshwari s Pictorial Magic / Nikon D70 Digital Disaster

I shared some great moments with Mr KG Maheshwari , one of these was a visit for a photo shoot lecture outdoor studio like photography and one light the Sun..

And this was at Nasik where KGMs son Mr Kamal Maheshwari has the largest Numismatic Institute called Money Museum, a house of study for coins and old money , also houses KGM s archives of his pictorial works , KGM took part in the Quit India Movement , wore Indian Khadi, gave up all English things of comfort of course he must have used the only American thing a Box Camera, I called him and he confirmed that it was an American box camera called Norton or something like that , America has been a partt of Kgm s life his company was partners in India of American Home Products now called Wyeth.

And I was crying narrating the unfortunate day of the blomb blasts on that unforgettable day 7th July it crushed raw metal but not the spirit of Man.

And KGM is what photography is all about, he took photography as his passion, but never sold his pictures or transformed his hobby into a business.

And I know when I bought my Nikon D70 camera on a three years loan taken from Standard Chartered Bank he lashed me publically at a forum , in a huge gathering at Photographic Society of India., it hurt me immensely but I realised he was right , a loan for my business was justifiable but not for a hobby.

And when I took the loan on the sly I never did tell my wife either, I still am paying the premium, another few months to go, will heartless Japanese Nikon Camera giants realise what price we have to pay for the faults of their technical research departments.

I think if I was an American they would have kowtowed and given me a new camera.

And I think we Indians are much better than the Japanese, I had made a dress for a cllient Mr VP Malik from Delhi it was for his new son in law, raw silk, hand embroidered , and after a wash it frayed, it was a defective wash of a laundry, but I respect my clents faith in me I replaced the entire dress , salvaged my Honor and respected his continued Patronage.

But the Japanese wore our Honor in their attacks of Banzai.. the ultimate Hara Kiri of Honor.

And punishing Lebanese for the faults of the Hizbollah , two Isreali soldiers is what the Brave New World is all about.

And this will have great repurcussions , every country will take the role of a bully , bomb another country till there will be no countries left.

Only America and Israel, a silhouette of an island called Great Britain.

And the UNO


I cleared my Nikon D70 loan, it again went dead , so I have to shell another Rs 4500, it is so convenient for Nikon to discontinue defective models in a few months, we suffer because we Indians slog our ass of buy it as a long term investment ..but Nikon cares a flying fuck..
Indians yes some of us are dimwitted buy Nikon for its resale value..makes me throw up..
I know wedding photographers , new kids learning photography cursing Nikon D70..its a nightmare ..
This is not bad mouthing I have the receipts of all my repairs at Interfoto Nikon authorised technicians..

digital camera prices in india

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