Discount disposable camera - Logitech web camera c500.

Discount Disposable Camera

discount disposable camera

    disposable camera
  • The disposable or single-use camera is a simple box camera sold with a roll of film installed, meant to be used once. Most use focus free lenses. Some are equipped with an integrated flash unit, and there are even waterproof versions for underwater photography.

  • dismiss: bar from attention or consideration; "She dismissed his advances"

  • give a reduction in price on; "I never discount these books-they sell like hot cakes"

  • A percentage deducted from the face value of a bill of exchange or promissory note when it changes hands before the due date

  • A deduction from the usual cost of something, typically given for prompt or advance payment or to a special category of buyers

  • the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

Group of flowers - repost

Group of flowers - repost

Arno (A flickr friend of mine - bwana something, it changes daily) commented that it's not the camera, but the photographer that makes a good photograph and showed me a website that concurs with that view. I agree, and posted a link to a website that favourably compared a G10 and a hasselblad with phase one back costing $40,000 (under controlled conditions). This picture was taken with a mobile phone – a nice mobile phone, but one that had been in my pocket for a year with no lens cover at all. It’s not great if you pixel peep, but it shows what can be done with cheap equipment. Maybe we should all leave the expensive cameras at home for a day and use our phones, disposables, etc and see what we can come up with – this is an open challenge. Nadine V already uses an inexpensive camera bought in a discount supermarket and produces amazing shots, check out her stream
This is a repost of a photo I posted in May this year – here’s the original comment.
Group of flowers taken with my mobile phone in response to a dare from Nadine V. Cropped and sharpened a bit in photoshop. These flowers were bought for my friend by a class of year 3's after she did a presentation for them. They're beautiful.

023/365 :: September 24, 2008

023/365 :: September 24, 2008

So my Stars tickets came yesterday! Super stoked. The first game is tomorrow (!!!!!) and the second is November 22. I'm also going to be at every possible home game in between the two. AAC has a "student rush" discount where you can show your school ID an hour before the game and get leftover seats for $25 lower bowl or $15 upper bowl. Easy to see where all my disposable income will be going for the next six months...

Also yes. I know the pic is blurry and grainy. I don't know what's up with my camera lately except that I've had it for almost two years and it's getting old? But it isn't focusing the way it used to and most of my pics come out grainy unless the lighting is super, super bright..

discount disposable camera

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Hd ccd camera : Camera battery 625 : Dakine camera backpack.

Hd Ccd Camera

hd ccd camera

    ccd camera
  • A charge-coupled device (CCD) is a device for the movement of electrical charge, usually from within the device to an area where the charge can be manipulated, for example conversion into a digital value. This is achieved by "shifting" the signals between stages within the device one at a time.

  • Short for "charge-coupled device." A CCD is a light-sensitive electronic detector widely used in making astronomical images. Sensitive over a wide range of wavelengths, and much more efficient than emulsion in gathering light, CCDs are often used to image extremely faint objects.

  • A Charge Coupled Device, or CCD camera, converts light into electrical charges. This type of camera is used often in astrophotography.

  • Hand

  • HD+ is a package of high definition digital satellite TV channels for German-speaking viewers and (as HD PLUS GmbH) the company providing that package, based in Unterfohring near Munich, Germany. HD PLUS is a subsidiary company of SES Astra, itself a subsidiary of SES based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg.

  • The Huntingtin gene, also called HTT or HD (Huntington disease) gene, or the IT15 ("interesting transcript 15") gene codes for a protein called the huntingtin protein. The gene and its product are under heavy investigation as part of Huntington's disease clinical research.

  • Head

  • high-definition; Harley Davidson - a motorcycle brand; high density; hard drive or hard disk or hard disc; hemodialysis

Samsung NV100 HD 14.7MP Camera

Samsung NV100 HD 14.7MP Camera

The Samsung NV100 HD features besides the 14.7MP resolution, a 3 inch touchscreen, 3.6x Schneider Kreuznach zoom lens, Dual Image Stabilisation - by integrating Optical and Digital Image Stabilisation, face recognition, smile and blink detection, up to ISO 3200 sensitivity, HDMI connectivity and trashcan support.

The 1/1.72inch CCD records images with up to 4,384 x 3,288px. Meanwhile, with the HDMI interface of the optional docking station SCC-NV5 HD photos can be directly displayed in HD resolution.

The Samsung NV100 HD can also record HD video with 720p resolution (1,280 x 720px) at 30fps.

It will be available from leading high street and online retailers from August 2008

NGC 6888 The Crescent Nebula

NGC 6888 The Crescent Nebula

The Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888 or Caldwell 27) is an emission nebula in the Cygnus constellation, about 5000 light years away. It is formed by the fast stellar wind from the Wolf-Rayet star WR 136 (HD 192163) colliding with and energizing the slower moving wind ejected by the star when it became a red giant around 400,000 years ago.

The result of the collision is a shell and two shock waves, one moving outward and one moving inward. The inward moving shock wave heats the stellar wind to X-ray emitting temperatures.

description source wikipedia

hd ccd camera

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