Xenon Flash Camera Phone

xenon flash camera phone

    flash camera
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xenon flash camera phone - Motorola MOTOZINE

Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5 Unlocked Phone with 5 MP Camera, Wi-Fi, MP3 Player, and MicroSD Slot--International Version with No Warranty (Graphite Gray)

Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5 Unlocked Phone with 5 MP Camera, Wi-Fi, MP3 Player, and MicroSD Slot--International Version with No Warranty (Graphite Gray)

MOTOZINE ZN5 is the first mobile phone to combine Motorola’s ModeShift Technology and KODAK Imaging Technology redefining the quality, convenience and connectivity of mobile imaging devices.Redefining Mobile Imaging-Simply slide the lens cover open to illuminate ModeShift Technology, transforming the full-featured mobile phone into an ultra-fast 5 megapixel camera, complete with auto-focus, low-light optimization, and a bright Xenon flash. ZINE ZN5 is the only mobile phone to have KODAK Imaging Technology that can be instantly combined with KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology for brighter, more vivid pictures on the spot which look noticeably better than pictures created without the technology. Users can take advantage of multiple capture modes, including panorama, which automatically stitches together continuous shots taken on the horizon line into a single, extended image.Snap and Share – Instantly!-No other phone from Motorola puts image capture first, with a high-resolution landscape screen and one of the fastest click-to-click times available for 5 megapixel camera ones.Auto-focus locks in less than one second and there are no delays when taking one photo to the next. With one touch, users can view all their photos right from the home screen; no menus, no searching. ZN5 is optimized to work with KODAK EASYSHARE Software and provide one-touch access to KODAK Gallery or other Web sharing sites, by using ShoZu to easily move pictures off the device, allowing consumers to print, share and enjoy their photos whenever they want. Share images with Edge or Wi-Fi connectivity 1,3 via Web sites directly from the device and display instant slideshows on your TV4 to friends and family with just one cable. Printing photos via Bluetooth Wireless Technology is easy with KODAK Picture Kiosks and KODAK All-in-One Printers.Tell us All About it-In phone mode, ZN5 features Motorola’s proprietary CrystalTalkTM Technology to help users hear and be heard, even in noisy environments.

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Perhaps my longest-serving phone (due to binding contract), a Sony Ericsson Walkman W900i - I've had it more than a year (!). The camera used to be 'decent' (2Mp. focusing lens, image stabiliser) by this year's standard is 'modest' (no optical zoom, LED and not xenon flash, could be 5Mp)... I would nevertheless call the output decent - so many pics in this photostream have received praise, I'm wondering if a 'proper' camera is still needed..



The 3.2 megapixel camera has a bright LED flash. A Xenon flash would have given better performance, but it would have had a price impact. Inevitably the N78 is not all singing, all dancing in all areas. My personal opinion is that it gets most thing right in terms of choosing a mix that gives impressive all round functionality.

xenon flash camera phone

xenon flash camera phone

Mad Catz MOV023950 Flash Photo Pak w/512MB Secure Digital Card, Secure Digital Card Reader & Camera Flash for Nintendo DSi

Do more with your Nintendo DSi's photographic capabilities!The Mad Catz MOV023950 Flash Photo Pak includes a camera flash, a 512 MB SD Card, and an SD Card Reader for your Nintendo DSi handheld! The battery operated camera flash permits photos in dark environments by bringing light when needed most. Though the camera flash is rechargeable battery operated, a DSi charger is needed (not included). Also, please make sure you are using the outer camera on the DSi when using the flash, the flash is not operable with interior camera. The included Secure Digital (SD) memory card features 512 MB of storage space and can hold up to 4,000 DSi photos. The included Secure Digital (SD) Card reader makes it easy to transfer photos between your Nintendo DSi and a PC or Mac computer.Make the most of your Nintendo DSi's photographic capabilities. Order this Mad Catz MOV023950 Flash Photo Pak today!

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